L’Aliana, The Fairy Queen


  • Original artwork by RAYMOND THORNTON
  • L’ALIANA, THE FAIRY QUEEN 16″ X 20″ Limited Edition Print.
  • Each Print is signed and numbered by the artist
  • Beautiful printed on Breathing Color Pura Smooth Fine Art Paper with a print run of 1970 copies.



Gleaming in the moonlight, the surface of the stone shone like glass. Another spark of light filtered through the solid surface and darted into the darkness. Larger than the first one, it flickered and spun several times until more lights emerged. Dancing on and off like lightning bugs, the lights spun and whirled, formed a line then settled along the top of the rock wall. Tiny men and women with shimmering skin and multicolored wings emerged. This was the procession of the Fey and among them were fairies, pixies and sprites. Some twirled into the air while others skipped along the earth singing and dancing. Their merriment was led by the fairy queen herself, L’Alliana. Their song was mesmerizing and one could get lost in their tune, in fact many have.


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