UPIR is the fearless leader of the monster gang. He is a young vampire that comes from a long line of highly respected and well known vampires. Because of this, Upir tries to be anonymous hoping to be treated for the monster that is, not from where he comes from. He is very brave and uses his superhuman strength, agility and bat formation to his advantage. He is working on increasing his skills of mind reading and mist evaporation. While at school, he uncovers a plot that may change the monster race forever. Upir’s strength and determination lead his gang on a quest to save their world. He is his own monster and does not want anyone to know he is the grandson of Valet Amarande, the leader of the Council of Thirteen.


ISABELLE is a young witch who dresses in a tattered black dress with a white collar. A pointed black hat rests on top of her small head. Isabelle suffers from a malady that most witches suffer from: she is too normal. She is too strange to fit in the human world and too plain for the monster world. Witches, being part human with monster spirits, are hated by most monsters and accepted by few. Upir, however, befriends Isabelle and includes her as a member of his gang. He soons finds out that this purple eyed witch is more important tah he realized. Although she is able to cast many spells, including that of levitation and flying through the air, Isabelle holds a secret that she desperately wants to keep, especially from Upir and his gang.


GUSTY is a happy-go-lucky ghost and a member of the Monster Gang. With a bluish glow, his translucent form shimmers in the air. He wears his death shroud proudly and a long, green scarf is always wrapped around his neck. He uses his ghostly chain as a weapon whipping it at anyone that threatens him or his friends. He loves adventure and fun. He is constantly playing jokes on his friend Payne trying to evoke a response from him. Now don’t feel sorry for Gusty because he’s dead, he loves being a ghost. The ability to disappear and fade through walls allows him to commit as much mischief as he wants. His brash nature and impulsivness, however, often gets him into trouble.


PAYNE is a pumpkin headed scarecrow. When he is not scaring crows from the farmer’s feild, he is hanging around with his monster friends. His tall, thin body is made of sticks. He has a hot temper and is easily frustrated. His cut out pumpkin face is usually friendly but when angered, he can be deadly. When he holds his breathe, his pumpkin head darkens and his usually pleasant face changes into a diabolical nightmare. He lets out a shrieking wail that can send the strongest human or monster to his knees. His enemies soon learn to never, never get Payne angry.


HAWTHORNE is a green hairy monster that grew up in the deep woods. Small horns sprout from the top of his head and sharp claws aid him when he is climbing rocky walls of tall trees. He yearns to make friends but is too quiet and shy to do so. He is very tiny and that makes him a target of the older, malicious monsters. When he gets nervous, fear consumes him and his ssstuttering bbbegins. Hawthorne becomes a loyal member of the Monster Gang when Upir and his friends save him from the clutches of Muriel, a gorgon girl with slithering snakes for hair. Hawthorne has incredible abilities if he can get over his awkwardness and shyness. Oh, and he likes bugs of all sizes and shapes.


MURIEL is an ill-tempered, nasty gorgon girl who has slithering snakes for her hair which frighten even the bravest of monsters. She is the leader of the three cantankerous creatures that follow her every command. Her group is bent on controlling the school and is often seen initiating and terrorizing the young arrivals. Muriel has a short fuse and becomes angry whenever anyone crosses her. When she cannot contain her fury, blazing green lights from her and her snakes’ eyes zap her victims. She knows she has an inherent ability to turn things to stone, but has not mastered that skill. Learning that Upir is the grandson of Valet Amarande, leader of the Council of Thirteen, Muriel invites him to join her group. When he refuses, she sets out on a quest to teach Upir and his gang a lesson they’ll never forget.


GROKS is a horrific-looking, gigantic troll who shadows Muriel often repeating her last few words. He has an enormous bumby head, a bulbous nose and winged ears. A single tooth portrudes from his lower lip. He isn’t the brightest of momsters, but whathe lacks in brains, he makes up with brawn. He is known as the bully at school because he loves to shove his weight around intimidating the younger monsters. Groks constantly plays with and protects an egg that hangs from around his neck. No one knows why this ugly, malicious creature cares for sucha delicate thing.


RAFF is a tall, hairy wolf boy and a member of Muriel’s gang. Like most wolves, he has acute hearing and smell that aids him in hunting prey. Much to the dismay of Muriel, he loves to howl at the moon. When he growls, saliva drips from his ravenous mouth. He is very cunning and ruthless. He hides in the shadows waiting for insuspecting monsters. Then he pounces, scaring the younger ones with his sharp Pointed teeth and curved claws.


GORDON is a small, green goblin boy with flashing red eyes. He is the smartest of Muriel’s gang and the one that often comes up with their malicious plans. He wears a jersey and a baseball cap. He’s a sports nut and can be seen most of the time doing tricks on hid magical skateboard. On the top and bottom of the board are two active red skulls that encourage Gordon’s evil side. For protection, Gordon wears an enchanted bag around his waist. Inside the bag are multi-colored crystals which can be used in times of crisis or to change a situation. Like most goblins, he is very sneaky and can never be trusted.


The nameless being known only as Monster is a humongous creature that is the school’s gym teacher. His skin is a patchwork of sea green and bile yellow. His body is connected together with black threads and several scars stretch across his rectangular head. He always wears shorts and a tee shirt adorned with a huge capital “N” for Neewollah. Monster’s speech is spasmodic making it difficult to understand him. He carries two skulls that come alive on his command. Bright blue lights shimmer from their hollow eye sockets and their bony jaws open and close as if they are communicating to each other. In class, the monster kids plat Dodge Skull, a game where Monster hurls the two fearsome skulls at them. He hopes to heighten their senses and teach them how to avoid danger. But things don’t always go as planned and many of the young monsters leave class dreadig their next encounter with their gym teacher.


DR. VOLTANCRAFT is a mad scientist who teaches the Mad Science Class. His white lab coat flaps wildly as he runs around the roo punching buttons and twisting knobs. The static electricity in the lab causes his unruly hair to stick out in all directions from his round, ruddy face. A subtle red glow permeates the inside of the green safety goggles that cover his eyes. Almost robotically, he talks and mumbles to himself. His manic, hysterical laughter fills the classroom as he plunges into the group of monster students grabbing them to use as variables in his experiments. Dr. Voltancraft has made many artificial monsters, some have worked out and others haven’t. Who onows what the result of his next experiment will be?


ZOMBIE lives in a shallow mound in the school’s gravetard. He pops out from the loose dirt frightening the monster students waiting to attend Zombie Class. Dirt and sticks are tangled in the patches of hair that hang from his skull. A multicolored sweatband adorns his head and red round sunglasses shade his eyes. Several strands of beads and necklaces are draped around his bony neck. He is a wild guy, a hipster, a monster of the sixties. He is a cool dude with language that is “far out”. Through game play, he teaches his students to expect the unexpected, that things are not always as they seem. With Zombie, that is exactly the way he likes it.