SHARRON THORNTON is an author and speaker. She has been writing for ten years and through her speaking tours she has opened the doors of imagination for thousands of children, stirred their creativity and taught them to think out of the box. Since imagination is an essential life skill that should be cultivated, she decided to write a novel and have her son, Raymond, illustrate it.

RAYMOND THORNTON hails from Northwest Indiana. An accomplished painter, He began his fine art training at the age of fifteen at the Drisi Studio Academy of Fine Art and then continued his studies at The American Academy of Art of Chicago. At the age of 19, Raymond started his career in advertising. His award winning imaging has been used on some of the most recognizable national ad campaigns. Raymond’s work fits into the traditions of overly elaborate ornamentation with a meticulous academic process that has clear and easily interpreted details producing drama and tension.  Raymond has been in many shows across the country and has won numerous awards.